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You started a company to do so much more than just make money. You want to build a company that is a blessing to the world, that inspires people, that you will love building. But you can't see a way forward, and you're not sure if you're on the right path.


Work with a master entrepreneur to develop a Koi strategy for your company.


"The Koi fish will die in a small pond" ...

Discover a whole new way of seeing your business with Koi, the breakthrough way of growing a successful company that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs. 

Koi is a fresh approach to help people see what's possible. It's based on the story that a Koi fish will die if trapped in a small pond and must move into a bigger possibility space to thrive. Koi sees the economy as an ecosystem and asks how your business (your Koi) can contribute to the whole ecosystem (Ocean). We look for a creative way for both you and your fish to thrive, and in a world fixated with just money, we're looking to solve for joy first.

We start in Koi by drawing the growth path for your Fish and learning about the core challenges you need to master at each stage of growth. As we follow the path we will start to see possibilities and problems you had never seen before - and a new story will emerge, of a company that can thrive, grow and be a blessing to you and the world.

We will do this over six online "coffee" sessions, where you will:

  • learn a new way to see the world
  • discover a deeper, better path forward
  • solve for joy and a better world

Would you like to know more about working with me? If so I suggest we set up a short free Zoom session where we can dive into Koi and see how it can help you find a new way forward.


    After every session you will receive an annotated copy of our whiteboard notes plus our Zoom recording.

    About Neil Hinrichsen

    I've walked the path before you - I've cofounded two startups both of which were ultimately acquired, and coached hundreds of startups and small businesses since then.

    My first company started in an old warehouse and was bootstrapped from the start. We built it into a leading technology company that was acquired by JSE giant Datatec.

    My second company was a mobile startup that raised over R60m in venture capital and ultimately expanded into 26 countries before being acquired by VISA.

    I then founded Koi to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs in Africa.

    Since then I've mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs face-to-face using the Koi methodology, have trained over a thousand entrepreneurs across Southern Africa for Microsoft and other organisations, and run a Koi community on Facebook  with over 6,000 members.

    I’ve also served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the CSIR helping their scientists to develop strategies for commercialising cutting edge 4IR technologies like drones and the biggest 3D printer in the world.

    I love working with entrepreneurs to help them create great companies.


    Pricing Plans


    Six one hour sessions is R3,000 for South African clients.

    Six one hour sessions is $300 for international clients.

    You can pay via credit card, debit card or EFT.  

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    contact me to discuss your KoiLeap  - phone me on (082) 926 6009 or email me on and we will set up a quick Zoom chat to see how I can help you

    More about Koi

    Koi takes its name from the story that the Koi fish (your business) will only grow if it moves into bigger spaces (Markets), avoids the Sharks (competitors), and rides out the Waves of Change.

    Koi gives you a simple, powerful model for understanding how to create and grow a successful business.  Koi has been used to train hundreds of entrepreneurs across Southern Africa.

    While the fish is your business, the Ninja is our model of resiliency for entrepreneurs themselves.  Ninja entrepreneurs use a martial arts viewpoint for seeing and overcoming challenges on their path to changing the world.

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